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Posted by Seth Robbins on 11/16/2011

Lloyd's of London offers standalone earthquake insurance coverage through the NCIP, National Catastrophe Insurance Program.  We contracted with them today to offer this coverage here in Oklahoma.  We've been told, the captive (State Farm, Allstate, Farm Bureau, etc) markets along with most independent carriers have suspended the binding authority of their agents to add earthquake endorsements to their standard homeowners policies.  The problem with most of those endorsements is, they typically have deductibles from 10-25% and often times, they EXCLUDE coverage for your brick & rock veneer.  This policy that we are offering has a deductible as low as 5% and it INCLUDES coverage for your masonry veneer.  The rates are very reasonable considering Lloyd's does not exclude the brick.  Most of these small-to-medium quakes typically cause the most harm to the masonry veneer, so the endorsement you will eventually (who knows when the moratorium will be lifted) will be to get won't cover a fallen chimney or a collapsed brick wall.  Send us a message through our the contact form on this website or call us at 405-293-4880 if you are interested in a free, no-obligation quote!